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Wrestling Season is now open

GNE FITNESS wrestling club members.

We are HERE – it’s the start of wrestling club season!  I can tell you that this group of coaches has never been more excited! Ladies and gentlemen, you  have a tremendous opportunity ahead of you and what you do to embrace it and succeed rests solely on your shoulders.

The work begins!

Pound for pound and point for point – You have to get ready for the challenge. The pain you feel during the toughest weeks NOW will be the strength you feel throughout the season.

Some of you may not make it through the season – actually, some of you may not survive the first practice. Why?   Because wrestling at the highest levels is hard. It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not a part-time sport. It’s pure hell. It’s about your ability to suffer through and gut it out.

No one ever walked on to the mat and became a champion on natural ability alone. The time and consistency it takes to become a champion are massive. We have handed you all the tools you need to become the best. All you have to do is put the work in.

Remember what Allise ALWAYS says about her commitment to win – it’s all about preparation:

When they are training I’m training when they are sleeping I’m training”

You need to get your mind right – right now. 

NOW, ladies and gentlemen’s, it is gonna get real, you’re going to want to break, but when all’s said and done the question is:

Do you truly want to become a champion or is TALKING about that just a cool thing to say to your friends?

Believe it – 30 minutes into each workout – you will question whether or not you made the right choice. Wherever you put your competitiveness, your desire and your work ethic since last season –


Dump your girlfriend or boyfriend, kiss your mom and dad goodbye. Pet your dog, cat and wish grandma and grandpa a Merry Christmas. If you believe that you have the heart of a champion and are willing to sweat it to get it – get busy!

It’s time to go to work!!!!!!