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Colleges that offers women’s wrestling

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*This list is for women’s varsity/club collegiate programs that wrestle freestyle either in the NAIA Invitational or
WCWA Nationals.

*If you have a women’s freestyle wrestling college/university to add, please add in comments.

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Wrestling hand signals for high school and college

Here are many of the hand signals you will be seeing the ref’s use throughout the season! Familiarize yourself with them!

Stopping the Match
Time Out
Start the Injury Clock
Stop the Injury Clock
Defer Choice
Potentially Dangerous Left or Right Hand
Caution for False Start and Incorrect Starting Procedure
Neutral Position
Indicating No Control
Out of Bounds
Indicating Wrestler in Control Left or Right Hand
Stalling Left or Right Hand
Interlocking Hands or Grasping Clothing
Technical Violation
Illegal Hold or Unnecessary Roughness
Awarding Points Left or Right Hand
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Flagrant Misconduct Left or Right Hand