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Wrestling Camps

Dublin, Ohio – Coming Soon – 2020
Wrestle Like A Girl Summer Camp 2020

Wrestling Camp

The Training/Technique Camp teaches a variety of position-based techniques and skills that are necessary tp develop wrestlers into champions.  One-one instruction and interactive sessions are key to wrestlers excelling at the next level through gneFitess Winter Camps.

Camp curriculum includes advanced wrestling techniques and mental preparedness, character development and more.  Coach Ward believes, “If you fail to train, you train to fail!   If you do not train people to succeed, do not be surprised when they fail.”


Space is limited, so reserve yours today.

This camp includes

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Scouting Videos

In wrestling, the use of videotape is crucial—both to athletes and to coaches. There are a number of benefits that videotape can provide, including formal instruction, self-analysis, scouting, and more. Through videos, wrestlers and coaches can study up on their toughest opponents, or absorb key lessons from established champions.

At gneFitness, video is something we integrate into all our wrestling services. Our founder, Allise Ward, has long upheld videotape as central to her own athletic development; she still uses it today, analyzing both her own techniques and those of other wrestlers.

That’s why video services are offered to our own wrestlers. We empower our athletes to succeed by showing them scouting videos of their upcoming opponents, helping them to visualize their line of attack and to hone the approach they plan to take.

As we review video with our wrestlers, we guide them through a number of key questions—including:

  • What foot does he/she lead with? What tempo is preferred? What do ties look like?
  • Does the opponent have any big throws or junk moves?
  • What are the opponent’s preferred attacks?
  • Does he or she betray any vulnerabilities to specific attacks?

The bottom line for wrestlers is that winning or losing can come down to a single throw—so champions must be ready to react quickly and decisively to anything. Scouting tape makes that possible, and we are pleased to work with individual wrestlers and full teams in this regard. Learn more by reaching out to gneFitness today.


To schedule private coaching sessions, we invite you to call or email gneFitness’ staff today.

Please provide all necessary information, including: the name of the instructor you wish to work with, if applicable; the particular areas you would like to focus on in your lesson; and the name(s) of those participating in the lesson. Note: private sessions must be purchased in a package of two to four lessons at a time.

Private sessions must be scheduled around each coach’s schedule. Some days or times may not be available for specific coaches, so please plan ahead. Is possible, please provide us with a variety of times that work for you.

There are no refunds for private lessons, unless it’s due to an issue with our facility or one of our instructors.

To cancel a previously scheduled personalized lesson, please call or email us at; to avoid being charged for the lesson, make sure you give at least 24 hours’ notice for your cancellation.

Although money will not be refunded if you cancel a private lesson, you may reschedule the private lesson for a different date.

For specific questions about rates, or to schedule a session, contact Allise and the gneFitness team today!

Meet your instructor

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