What Our Gym Offers


Personal Training

I bring real-life experience to the collegiate wrestling industry as a coach and as an athlete. My coaching skills come from many experiences, I’ve  have had throughout the years and incorporated them in ways to be the most helpful and efficient for my collegiate and professional players.



Track and Field

The gneFitness Track Club provides a fun, safe, and affordable environment for boys and girls, ages 5-18, to master the basics of track and field, to develop good sportsmanship, and to cultivate a healthy self-image.




We want the athletes that we train to have fun and develop a love for the sport of wrestling. The regular practice of wrestling can help improve your muscle strength and tone, as well as improve your flexibility and ease of movement. The position-based techniques and skills taught are necessary to develop athletes into champions and help build mental preparedness, character and more. We enjoy preparing athletes to compete at the highest level and to excel in all areas of life.




Gne Fitness is a personal wellness company that provides high intensity strength training, nutritional services and sports camps/clubs for young athletes. We believe that there is a champion on the inside of everyone and we challenge you to achieve your personal best each day.



Gne Fitness thrives on improving the quality of life for our clients. We do this by educating, inspiring, and providing the most efficient, effective, and safe exercise programs and nutritional systems ever created.

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